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"My name is DeForrest. I will be your host..."

Founder • Illustrator • CEO

specializing in traditional sketching, character design, digital illustrations, and promotional graphics.

Paul DeForrest Scisney is an illustrator, graphic designer, author, and Photoshop expert with over 15 years of creative experience. He founded the brand Life Forever in 2001 with his action/sci-fi book series Street Pedal Black, publishing its first book shortly before graduating from Morehouse College in 2007. DeForrest re-released the series in the early 2010s, and launched the art timelapse/comedy video podcast Life Forever's THE GRAPHIC in 2014.

He is the founder and chairman of The Coldest Arts, a live-painting tournament and charity fundraiser, which held its first event in late 2019. He currently hosts the weekly Street Pedal Black LiveStream, where he illustrates scenes and characters while interacting with viewers. DeForrest resides in the Atlanta area with his wife and daughter.

Adobe Certified Expert - Photoshop CS6

Amanda Scisney

Amanda Scisney - "The Director"

Chief Operating Officer

specializing in creating cake art, writing proposals, creating graphics, and editing documents.

From an early age, Amanda has always enjoyed baking, writing, and editing.
After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Columbus State University in English Literature with a concentration in Professional Writing, she later obtained a Masters of Arts in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University, and was honored as the Advanced Achiever Award Recipient, earned the Course Director Award for Writing in Interactive Media, and recognized as Valedictorian.

While working as a Digital Media Coordinator for an insurance company by day, she becomes "The Director" by night (and whenever else she's free). Between caring for her family, Amanda is an artist in her own right. She's devoted to cake design, whether researching for her next edible sculpture or developing templates for future orders, she's always developing her skills. You can find samples of her published work at Follow her personal Instagram at @AmandaMScisney, and Life Forever's developing division Cakes By A Scisney at @CakesByAScisney.